Digital Solutions

Immediate solutions for your business, tools, processes, applications and invoice and management services.

Create, generate and manage invoice

We offer you a complete application to manage your invoices quickly, efficiently and controlled. You can use it on mobile devices, although it is more effective if you manage it from a computer, it is a professional application that allows you to store and manage your products or services, customer and supplier data, generate reports and personalize reports.
You can get the application by paying a license:
- $10 monthly for each user.
- $150 for Implementation and training the first time.

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CRM: Find Appropriate Customers, Build Sustainable Relationships, Reduce Sales Costs

We offer the application to manage your clients in the best way, be able to attract them and guarantee the sale of your products or services. For this we help you create a Website with all the information about your business, we link it to your social networks and we link it to the CRM, the application that will allow you to obtain new clients and you will be able to carry out your digital marketing campaigns.
- $10 monthly for each system user.
- $1200 for the creation of the website, includes links to your social networks and the CRM application.
You can get your digital solution in just 3 days!
You must acquire a domain on the internet. Our help with the domain is totally free.

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Digital image designs.

You can get all the designs for your business images: Logos, banners, posters for social networks, menu, icons, business cards and more.

The prices of these services are per adjustments or packages:
-100$ The business package includes: logo or brand, digital business card, promotional poster for social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and flyer.

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