Suite of Applications

House Maintenance

Application to manage the house maintenance process, work orders, assistance, materials, costs, invoices, evidence, calendar, WhatsApp notification from the application and much more.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

$ 150 .00 / month

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We help you insert your business on the Internet with the creation of websites or E-commerce or the management of your social networks.

Below we inform you about the cost of subscription services:


$ 15 .00

/ month
  • Website maintenance
  • Content update
  • Create advertising image
  • SEO Settings

Social networking

$ 40  .00

/ month
  • Create social networks
  • Upload advertising images
  • Create advertising content
  • Update daily information


$ 50  .00

/ month
  • E-commerce maintenance
  • Product update
  • Content update
  • SEO Settings

Shopify integration with Instagram and Facebook

We help you create and manage your e-commerce on Shopify, link your product catalog with Instagram and Facebook so you can sell from stories or posts. We help you create your commercial store on social networks.

Shopify integration with Odoo.

If you need more information about it, you can contact us and we will explain, start selling from your social networks.

$ 850 .00 / single price

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